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Where are the next millionaires?

On the flight to Miami I took a book with me that turned out to be so riveting I kept nudging Nerissa and exclaiming, “This is terrific! I have to tell everyone about this!”

At my presentation on the ship I held up the book, described it, and urged everyone to get it. My passion for the book, and the nature of my talk, was so passionate that I got a standing ovation. (Thank you, thank you.)

I’m not making a cent from telling you about this book. I don’t know the author, either. I just think this little masterpiece is the most inspiring and informative book I’ve read in way too long.

I’m talking about “The Next Millionaires” by Paul Zane Pilzer. It’s a book so new that Amazon doesn’t even carry it yet. (They might by the time you read this.)

Get it from — http://www.TapesandTools.com 

Pilzer is the bestselling author of many books, including “Unlimited Wealth” and “The Wellness Revolution.” While I like all of his works, this new one goes straight to the heart of what interests me: The location of future wealth.

I love Pilzer’s optimism. He says we never run out of natural resources, and that our fear of scarcity is what compels us to use technology to solve the problems. He also reveals his six laws of Economic Alchemy that I found fascinating. I can’t say enough good things about this one. Again, this isn’t a paid promo. I just love the book and want you to have it. Again, just see –http://www.TapesandTools.com 

I’m going to lay down now until the room stops floating…

Dr. Joe Vitale    


My first entry

I’m sick. I spent 5 days on a cruise visiting Jamaica, being tossed to and fro on the high seas, eating bad food, and speaking at a marketing event. At least my speech got a standing ovation.

Brad Fallon, one of the other speakers, urged everyone to have a blog and link it back to their main site, which in my case is http://www.Mrfire.com So here I am.

I’ve always thought blogs were self-indulgent wastes of time. But I was wrong about the popularity of e-books, too. So I’ll give this one a shot.

If nothing else, writing this will keep my mind off my illness.

Joe Vitale
Author, “The Attractor Factor” and way too many other books to list here