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Arguing for Limits

When I was in Kuwait, speaking on positive thinking and happiness, a skeptical man in the audience politely asked, “Where is the evidence that happiness will make a positive difference in my life?”

I smiled.

Even though two other speakers at the same event were recognized psychologists on happiness (one a Harvard graduate), and had already delivered compelling evidence for the benefits of positive thinking and positive psychology, this man wanted something more.

Well, I had an answer for him.

“You can find evidence for whatever you want to believe,” I replied.

“If you want to believe happiness works, then research online and you’ll find evidence to support your belief,” I continued.

“If you want to believe unhappiness is better, then research online and you can find evidence to support that belief,” I added.

And then I delivered the punch line.

“If there is evidence for both happiness and unhappiness as ways of life, which are you going to choose?”

The crowd applauded.

In KuwaitwWith bestselling author Sonja

In Kuwait in my dishdasha with bestselling author Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky

I don’t know if the man got the point or not. The crowd seemed to. But the polite skeptic was coming from a mindset that was arguing for his own limitations.

After all, why ask for proof that happiness is better unless you want to remain unhappy?

And why would anyone want to remain unhappy?

Author Richard Bach famously wrote, “Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they’re yours.”

Many people want to stay unhappy because they believe it serves them.

They believe it keeps them “real.”

They believe if they get happy, they may not do anything, or may be denying “reality.”

What they don’t seem to understand is unhappy people are less productive, practical, realistic, healthy, humorous or social.

I learned this back in the 1980s, when I studied with Barry Neil Kaufman, author of such books as To Love Is to Be Happy With.

Barry explained there are myths around unhappiness.

One of them is the belief that unhappiness will motivate you while happiness will not.

As Barry explained it,  the truth is that unhappiness will keep you stuck, while happiness will propel you forward by the simple joy of living.

My understanding of limiting beliefs went even deeper when I started working with Mandy Evans, who I often call the original Miracles Coach.

Question your beliefs

Question your beliefs

Mandy says some of our top limiting beliefs are —

1. I should be able to make lots of money, but I can’t.

2. I do not deserve success and happiness.

3. I need to think positive every day to change my limiting beliefs.

4. If someone cheats me or betrays me I have to get even or live with resentment.

5. If I were happy, I wouldn’t do anything.

6. Feeling bad motivates me to change things.

7. If I do not give people what they want, I will end up all alone.

8. I should have worked this out by now.

9. I cannot earn a living doing something I like.

10. Better stop wanting; if you get your hopes up, you’ll just get hurt.

Mandy says for each belief that seems true, ask yourself three questions:

1. Why do I believe that?

2. What might happen if I didn’t believe that?

3. Is that true?

To better grasp all of this, read Mandy’s books, Emotional Options and Travelling Free, available from Amazon, bookstores, or http://mandyevans.com/the-breakout-store

As I’ve often said, we live in a belief driven universe; change your beliefs and you get a different universe.

You are welcome to argue for your limitations, of course, or to delete them and believe something better.

Your choice.

Ao Akua,


Believe in your dreams...

Believe in your dreams...

PS — The best way to pinpoint and clear limiting beliefs is with a Miracles Coach. Just click right here.

Member BBB 2003 - 2015

Member BBB 2003 - 2015


Money Wise

A friend about to turn 40 years old sent me this question –

“What is the main/biggest thing you wish you knew about money before you were 40?”

I thought about it and came up with the following answer:

Stop worrying; it all works out.

Since I’m now in my sixties and have gone from homeless to poverty to filing bankruptcy to sleepless nights and more, only to end up living the life of one of the rich and famous, I’d say that all my worrying didn’t help at all.

Worry is a belief. It’s trained behavior. Most of us think if we worry, we will whip ourselves into doing something. But worry doesn’t stimulate right action. It stimulates more worry. And from a Law of Attraction view, worry begets worry.

Think about it: Under the feeling of worry are fear based thoughts, such as “What if this doesn’t work out?”, “What if my car is repossessed?”, “What if I lose my job and then…and then…and…!?!”

Those thoughts will create a reality that matches them.

Those thoughts will lead to desperate behaviors, and cause you to ignore more prosperous opportunities.

Those thoughts will create the same old scenario.

As I’ve said many times, you will easily attract what you fear or what you love, because both are strong emotions packed with high voltage energy.

It’s wiser to focus on what you love rather than on what you loathe.

Come from faith rather than fear.

Come from prosperity rather than panic.

Said another way –

Watch which thoughts you feed. If you think lack and limitation but pray for peace and prosperity, you are like a farmer who plants strawberries but prays for tomatoes.

I’ve learned that I need to work but not worry.

Trusting work, faithful work, passionate work.

But no worry work.

Using worry and fear to motivate yourself is a fool’s game. It doesn’t help.

Had I known this fact of life before the age of 40, I would have been happier and slept better, and probably reached success sooner.

In short, keep working, stop worrying.

My friend also asked —

“What single factor/knowledge/idea would you say was the most influential in being financially free and successful?”

Again, I meditated on the question and came up with this answer —

Definitive course on attracting money

Definitive course on attracting money

Realize money can come from multiple avenues.

For decades I thought money would only come to me from my writing. I couldn’t see any other way. While I continued to labor at day jobs I hated, just to survive, I also continued to write and submit my work to publishers. My entire focus was on money coming from writing.

I couldn’t see the bigger pie.

I couldn’t see the world of infinite possibilities.

I couldn’t even imagine it.

When I began to expand my mind, through books and audios I borrowed from the library, and allowed money to come to me in new and even surprising ways, my income increased.

For example, I began to speak in public.

That was a huge undertaking for me because my natural inclination at the time was to be a book nerd and live in the library. Public speaking was terrifying. Even traumatizing.

But I did it as it introduced a new way to receive money. Either I would get paid to speak or I spoke for free but sold my books in the back of the room. It worked.

I did more than speak, too.

I also tried publishing my first book as a correspondence course. This got my mind to relax the restraint that published writing meant having a publisher. It didn’t. I could take a book, break it into lessons, and sell it as a course.

I tried it once with a classified ad. (This was long before the Internet.)

It failed.

But a decade later, when I tried the same thing online, it became a major income stream for me. It led to my creating e-classes, and attracting tens of thousands of dollars (and a BMW Z3, which was a big deal for me at the time) as a result.

Learning to expand my mind about how money could come to me also led to recording audios.

The legendary publicist and dog lover, Paul Hartunian, told me how easy it was to make audio programs in my home. I listened to this wonderful mentor and acted.

I bought a cheap cassette player, put pillows under the window and door cracks, and recorded a marketing program in my bedroom. Most of it was based on what I learned from researching P.T. Barnum, and writing a book about his business secrets, titled There’s A Customer Born Every Minute.

I sold that home made program for $500 a copy. It later became my first Nightingale-Conant program, called The Power of Outrageous Marketing.

And that, of course, led to me creating numerous audio programs for Nightingale, and becoming one of their best selling authors ever.

My mind expanding didn’t stop there.

All the self-study I had put into becoming a writer meant I had skills most others didn’t have.

Bob Bly taught me (through his books and later with snail mail letters he was kind enough to write to me) to be a copywriter. That lead to a nice income writing sales letters, ads, and more (eventually even writing sales copy for Jerry and Esther Hicks, of Abraham fame).

As I continued to expand my mind, I learned about direct mail marketing.

I borrowed a little money from my parents, rented a mailing list, and sent out a sales letter I had hypnotically written about a new software program. (To show you how long ago this was, the program was DOS based and came on a floppy disk).

It worked.

I still remember opening my post office box and seeing an order for the software. I felt like I had won the lottery.

I also wrote a book about my own invented form of copywriting, had it bound at Kinkos, and sold it at my talks. That self-published manual later became my first e-book, thanks to Mark Joyner, which led to a long series of profit attracting digital products.

It changed my life forever.

It’s still famous today, in print and as an e-book, titled Hypnotic Writing.

And all of this was long before I was ever invited to be in the hit movie The Secret, which of course also changed my life forever, as it shot me into global notoriety and led to numerous unexpected opportunities.

I could go on, but you get the point.

My income increased when I didn’t insist that it come to me in a particular way.

Expand your mind to allow money to arrive in other ways.

Money doesn’t have any beliefs about you; you have beliefs about money. It will come to you if you don’t block it or wear blinders when it drives by your home.

To help you stop worrying and expand your mind —

Read books by Catherine Ponder, Arnold Patent, Napoleon Hill, and me.

Read The Power of Impossible Thinking by Yoram Wind and Colin Cook.

Read Create or Die: A Manifesto for Fearless Creators Everywhere by Dr. Morgan Giddings.

Listen to audio programs from Nightingale-Conant, from Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hanson, and me.

Listen to The Secret to Attracting Money by Joe Vitale.

Of course, you still have to follow your passion, take inspired action, maintain your character and your health, but the above will get you going in the right direction to attract more money.

Happy New Year!

Expect Miracles!

Ao Akua,


NOTE:  If you are truly panicking because the bills have piled up, you’re out of work, and you see no end in sight, remember that there are numerous resources available to help you. Yes, take care of your mindset, but also call for help when you need it. The back of my book, Attract Money Now, has a resource section. It’s free right here.

PS – The fastest way to expand your mind is with the help of your own Miracles Coach. Check out Miracles Coaching.

Member BBB 2003 - 2015

Member BBB 2003 - 2015


Prosperity Shock Treatment

In the October, 1927 issue of Nautilus magazine, prolific Law of Attraction author Brown Landone revealed a way to give yourself a “shock treatment” to attract more money.

I’m a huge fan of Landone. He wrote more than 100 books, including The Success Process, before his death in 1945. I was deeply interested in this article by him in this old magazine of New Thought ideas.

In it, Landone told the story of coaching a woman who came to him complaining that her husband had a weak heart and wasn’t successful.

She wanted him fixed.

Early New Thought author Brown Landone

New Thought author Brown Landone

Landone explained that he didn’t fix anybody.

He knew that once you found your own inner peace, the rest would follow.

He wrote:

“..I know that abundance is a result of attaining the kingdom of heaven, and that each soul’s kingdom of heaven is within himself.”

He went on to say that he might help in uncovering the source or cause for the heart palpitations and the lack of success, which would help the man discover his own inner kingdom.

In other words, if he could help the man get clear of his inner blocks, the results would follow.

So he agreed to see the husband.

After a brief discussion with the husband, Landone discovered the man had $647 in savings and made $47.50 a week. (This was 1927, remember.)

He also learned that the husband had lost much of his “gusto” for life; that he was simply going through the motions in his day to day life, without much hope or enthusiasm for anything better.

With that information, Landone did something shocking.

He told the husband to go out and spend all the money!

“I told him to buy his wife five new dresses that afternoon, to order a $90 suit of clothes for himself, to purchase a $740 auto within a week, and to buy a $6,000 or $7,000 home within a month!”


The advice stunned me.

How in the world could he tell a struggling man, just getting by, to go empty his savings and extend himself financially?!?

What logic was behind this?

I was riveted to Landone’s article, wanting to know why he gave such a controversial directive.

Landone went on to explain, “Beginning to lose hope, leads to lack of daring.

He wanted the husband to wake up!

He wanted the husband to stretch.

He wanted him to dare again.

He wanted him to get out of his comfort zone.

He wanted him to shock his own mind and awaken it.

The man listened, and acted.

Landone said the first thing that happened is the man’s heart began to beat evenly again. 🙂

And then the man began to think of new ways to improve his position at work, which led to him getting promoted, and then getting a higher salary.

Within a few months, the man’s consciousness had changed to the degree that he left his job, started his own business, and saw his revenue leap to $90,000 a year — in 1927!

The man told Landone, “Why it’s silly to be poor, isn’t it?”

I love the story and the message.

In my book, Attract Money Now, I call Prosperous Purchasing one of the seven steps for attracting more money.

Read inspiring book for free

Read inspiring book for free

The idea is to honor and appreciate yourself by being honest: when you have the desire for a product or service, and you have the funds, then go ahead and make the purchase.

It’s an affirmation of prosperity to do so.

But Landone suggested buying and investing more than what you are comfortable with, and putting yourself into a scary place financially, as a way to “shock” or “kick start” your own mind.

Instead of playing it safe, you shake yourself by taking a risk.

You over ride your fear with an act of faith.

And then you watch your mind come alive with new ideas.

It’s not about feeling desperate, but about feeling driven.

When I interviewed Jen Sincero, author of the book, You Are A Badass, she told me that her life changed when she hired a coach.

She also said making the decision to do so rocked her world.

“I tapped out my credit card to hire the coach,” she told me. “And the first thing that happened is I threw up.”

Jen went on to tell me that she called her coach and tried to get her money back.

“But the coach told me that my vomiting was part of the process,” Jen explained. “I was beginning my transformation right then and there.”

If you find yourself in a financial lull, consider giving yourself a prosperity shock treatment.

Simply Dare Something Worthy.

Consider what you really want to buy (for yourself or someone else) but are afraid to do so, and then go buy it!

If you are reading this and feeling your heart race and your palms sweat, then you know what to do next.

To be blunt, are you going to come from fear or faith?

Said another way, the idea isn’t to get rid of fear, it’s to use it as a catalyst for new ideas, actions, and results.

Dare and grow rich.

Shocking, eh?

Ao Akua,


PS — Just as Brown Landone was a coach to the husband, you’ll get faster results with your own coach, too. Check out Miracles Coaching. Remember, it’s okay to stretch. It’s time to shock yourself into awakening. Do it!

Member BBB 2003- 2015

Member BBB 2003- 2015


Henry Ford's Money Attracting Advice

I don’t know much more than you about Henry Ford, the industrial giant and tycoon who brought affordable cars to the masses in the early 1900s, but I spotted this revealing quote in his 1922 autobiography, My Life and Work:

“The natural thing to do is to work — to recognize that prosperity and happiness can be obtained only through honest effort. Human ills flow largely from attempting to escape from this natural course.”

What an obvious yet startling statement.

It seems to me that most people want to avoid work. They are seeking magic powers or special other worldly favors in order to do just that.

Whenever I offer a Law of Attraction oriented product, the public loves it. Yet whenever I offer a productivity product, they shun it.

After seeing this result over and over again for years, I realized that people want fairy dust and magic wands. They prefer to sit and visualize rather than get up and create something.

Obviously, I’m not against mind power, visualization, Law of Attraction, or most of the other tools and toys we have. They all have their place. They all assist you in achieving and attracting your desires.

But you have to do something in this world.

As Ford noted, we have to work.

“Work,” to me, is following your passion in a way that serves others.

One reason I’ve authored so many books, audios, DVDs, courses and more is I’m not afraid to work.

Yet too many self-helpers say “I attracted my result and didn’t DO anything!”

Come on. You always do something. It may not have been “work” in the sense of extreme activity, or in the traditional sense of expending energy, but you did something to bring about the result. You had to. Life is a co-creation.

I remember the creator of the hit movie The Secret bragging that her movie became a success without her “doing” anything to make it happen.

I found it hard to imagine that she overlooked all the things she did to make the movie get noticed, right down to hand picking 24 guests (including me) to be in the movie — nearly all having a list of fans and followers. They promoted the movie for her, but she did the work of putting them into the movie. She took action.

She continues to take action today, by mailing her list of Secret fans to keep the relationship with them going. That comes in handy when she promotes her next book.

Henry Ford's 1922 autobiography is worth reading today

Henry Ford's 1922 autobiography is worth reading

Again, work — or better stated, action — is virtually always needed.

I learned how to work as a laborer on the railroad, starting at the age of five years old. (No lie.)

When I moved to Houston in the late 1970s, I managed to get day jobs as a laborer for temp agencies.

Today I still work, but it isn’t with my back. It’s with my mind.

Because I love what I do, and feel it is my life calling, it never feels like “work.”

It’s far wiser to reflect on what you want to do, and then add the magic amulets, spells and potions to that desire. But to do just the latter, you’ll most likely struggle.

I have no idea if Henry Ford was metaphysical or even psychological. I doubt it. I know he had his own quirky ideas about society, but I’m only interested in his ideas about attracting money.

He sure knew the value of work. He preaches it over and over again in his 1922 autobiography, stating that work is the secret to success.

Businesses today need to become acquainted with Henry Ford’s advice for making money.

I was impressed to see that Ford wanted to build a car that would never break down. (!) He felt true serving was helping a family by building a car they could depend on. He felt one car, that lasted a lifetime, would be the best. No need for planned obsolescence or yearly model upgrades. (Tell Apple that. Or most any other modern business.)

And Ford felt if his car ever broke down and needed service, the manufacturer should take care of the problem, not the owner.

I like this guy.

He also tried electric cars in the early 1900s, but shunned them for the same reason they aren’t ideal today: too heavy and not enough power. (Remember, both Nerissa and I drive electric cars, so I know of what Ford speaks.)

Henry Ford basically felt that if you served people, the money would follow.

His big motivating “why” — the ideal that drove him — was to create a system that kept people employed making cars that the masses would love.

As I am reading his autobiography, a few insightful quotes jump out:

“I refuse to recognize that there are impossibilities. I cannot discover that any one knows enough about anything on this earth definitely to say what is and what is not possible.”
“Everything can always be done better than it is being done.”
“Money is only a tool in business. It is just a part of the machinery.”
“Money, after all, is extremely simple. It is a part of our transportation system. It is a simple and direct method of conveying goods from one person to another. Money is in itself most admirable. It is essential. It is not intrinsically evil. It is one of the most useful devices in social life. And when it does what it was intended to do, it is all help and no hindrance.”

Don’t be afraid to work.

Remember, following your passion isn’t “work” if it’s your passion.

Add visualization and other Law of Attraction mind technologies to the passionate serving of others, and you have a formula for modern day success.

In short, action is the alchemy that transmutes ideas into reality.

I’ll repeat that —

Action is the alchemy that transmutes ideas into reality.

Finally, here is Henry Ford’s creed:

(1) An absence of fear of the future or of veneration for the past. One
who fears the future, who fears failure, limits his activities. Failure
is only the opportunity more intelligently to begin again. There is no
disgrace in honest failure; there is disgrace in fearing to fail. What
is past is useful only as it suggests ways and means for progress.

(2) A disregard of competition. Whoever does a thing best ought to be
the one to do it. It is criminal to try to get business away from
another man--criminal because one is then trying to lower for personal
gain the condition of one's fellow-men, to rule by force instead of by

(3) The putting of service before profit. Without a profit, business
cannot extend. There is nothing inherently wrong about making a profit.
Well-conducted business enterprises cannot fail to return a profit but
profit must and inevitably will come as a reward for good service. It
cannot be the basis--it must be the result of service.

(4) Manufacturing is not buying low and selling high. It is the process
of buying materials fairly and, with the smallest possible addition of
cost, transforming those materials into a consumable product and
distributing it to the consumer. Gambling, speculating, and sharp
dealing tend only to clog this progression.

Now get to work.

Ao Akua,


PS — Remember: Forget money and focus on service. Henry Ford knew this. So did Nick D’Aloisio, 17, who reportedly received close to $30 million for a news-reading iPhone app named Summly that he developed and then sold to Yahoo. D’Aloisio says money was not his motivation when developing Summly. How many more clues do we need that money comes from passion and serving, not greed and manipulation?

Click image to receive book free

Click image to receive book free


The Fifth Miracle

It was October of 2012 that I told my music producer and friend, Daniel Barrett, that my desire to make more music was dead. I didn’t feel inspired or connected to the muse. I was happy with the four albums of healing music I had already created, but I didn’t see any more on the horizon.

I felt done.

As we talked, I had a sneaking suspicion that I may be deceiving myself. After all, self sabotage is rampant in virtually each of us and we usually don’t even know we are doing it.

Was I?

Daniel suggested we find a way to ramp up my energy for music. He didn’t know how, but he felt there was a solution.

“I know how,” I told him.

I did, too.

I knew a way to jump start the muse, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it.

He asked me to explain.

I took a deep breath and said, “I can set the intention to record five new songs by Christmas.”

Christmas was only two months away. It would be a miracle to write and record five new songs by then – especially starting from zero – and certainly after exhausting myself having just completed my fourth album, The Healing Song.

Daniel didn’t miss a beat.

“Why not go for ten songs?”

That made me gasp. It would be raising the bar even for me. I had already broken records by creating four albums in less than two years. Four miracles were plenty. But I accepted the challenge. We agreed that I would strive to create ten original songs within two months, and together we would record them to create my fifth album.

We both felt the exhilarating energy of having a goal that scared us and yet delighted us.

We both felt expectant, uncertain, open and willing.

But we had no idea how a new album would come out of nothing.

Now here’s where the story gets really interesting…

New album out today

New album created "out of thin air"

Remember, I didn’t have any ideas for new songs or any passion for new music. I felt tapped out. Yet the new intention “called forth” more music. The new goal stirred my creative self. Within days I had new songs coming to me. Within weeks I had almost two dozen ideas.

I couldn’t turn off the creative juices!

I would be sitting, reading a book on my iPad, and suddenly a song idea would enter my consciousness. I was smart enough to stop everything and write it down. (Always take action, remember.)

Other times I felt inspired to check out early or vintage rock and roll, what’s called rockabilly music. I simply followed the muse to see what occurred. I loved the searching, exploring and learning. (Always follow inspiration, too.)

Within weeks I had over two dozen pretty good songs. From those, I picked nine that I thought were solid. I left a tenth idea open to inspirational improvisation in the studio.

I felt ready to record album number five!

My band — not really “mine” but they were the same musicians who recorded Strut! and The Healing Song with me — got together again. We went into the studio on December 18th and 19th — right before Christmas, you’ll note — and recorded ten new tracks.

I’m told music doesn’t usually come together this quickly, or easily, or with this much energy and focus. But we got together in the studio and made space for magic to happen around my songs.

The result is my fifth music album, titled Sun Will Rise.

And it feels like another miracle.

When I held the finished audio CD in my hands, and listened to the original music I wrote and performed, brought to life with the musicians who supported me, I started to cry.

To think that this was created out of “thin air” is astonishing. To think that the songs are so good and the music so amazing and the messages so relevant, just makes me stop and stare in awe and gratitude.

I am grateful beyond belief.

It’s yet another miracle.

"My band" on my three singer-songwriter albums

"My band" on my third singer-songwriter album

Miracles are indeed happening all the time.

This story is living proof of it.

And it all begins with an intention.

In case you are curious, here are the stories behind each track on Sun Will Rise http://www.healingrockmusic.com/:

“You Gotta!” is self-help rock and roll. It’s fun, upbeat, and carries the message that “you gotta” take action. Since I’m a big proponent of action, this song and its message felt like the right lead for the new album. Thanks to “my band” – drummer Joe Vitale, bass player Glenn Fukunaga, lead guitarist Daniel Barrett – this song opens with a “you gotta dance to this” feel. Add saxophone by Greg Williams and this one is irresistibly delicious! You gotta hear it!

“Sun Will Rise” came to me “out of the blue,” as I held a guitar and just started to sing what came into my being. When I first played it for Daniel, he was speechless. He said it had the potential to be a radio hit. My staff says my message to the world is to have faith, that the “sun will rise” again. Your current reality is just that: current. It’ll change. The sun will rise again. This song is your reminder.

“The Secret” isn’t based on the movie I was in of the same name. Instead, it was prompted by a haunting song by Leonard Cohen. His song had the hypnotic refrain “Everybody knows…” but his lyrics were negative. His dark song is a great one to commit suicide to. I wanted something hypnotic but with a positive message. I wanted something healing. The result is what I call “The Secret” and you know it will do you good to listen to it. 🙂

“Sperichil” is rockabilly music. It’s pure fun. No special message in the lyrics but the voice and the vibe is all about be happy now! The name is simply the early spelling of the word “spiritual.” I surprised myself recording this song as I spontaneously howled like a wolf during parts of it. There is a happy contagiousness to this track that simply makes me smile and feel good. Isn’t that what life is all about? Isn’t that healing music? Be happy now. Smile! Dance! Love!

“Expectations” is a hypnotic intermission where I played a special double-neck guitar, where the top is a regular guitar and the bottom is a baritone guitar. With the professionals behind me on this one, the result is something I could listen to all day long. When I first heard it in the studio, I said, “Call this one Expectations, because it suggests something is about to happen, but you don’t know what.” You are free to expect whatever you want, positive or negative, and this music helps you feel the moment. Talk about healing!

Click image to order album

Click image to order album

“My Electric Car” is about my relationship to my electric car (which I’ve written about on this blog before). I love this song because of the lyrics and the blues rock music the band came up with. I really believe this one could become a gas guzzler’s anthem. You gotta hear it. There are moments in this track that send shivers of joy up my spine. It’s an example of how music becomes magic. Whew!

“Train of Women” is a rock ballad about a man who faces his fears and falls in love. It’s about one hundred and fifty women, all wearing bikinis, who come to see him. He is at first afraid, asking for everything from a crocodile to a body guard to being taken to Area 51, but by the end he falls in love. The old saying is true, what looks like your demon is really your angel in disguise. This song is fun, fast, funny and more. Call it a Rorschach test song. Whatever you get from it, is what you get from it. It’s a mirror. It’s “Healing Music” at it’s best. Rock on!

“Isaac the Psychic” is my attempt to create a Shel Silverstein – Johnny Cash “Boy Named Sue” kind of song. I came up with a character, and a story, and a funny chorus, and weaved it into a song. My band — the experts that they are — created a Reggae upbeat rhythm and the whole thing came together. It’s funny and memorable. You’ll smile listening to it. After all, I’m so psychic, I know you’re reading this.  🙂

“Super Heroes” came to me after my guitar teacher, Mathew Dixon, taught me a new chord progression. I wrote words to that progression.  Since I had just met actor/bodybuilder/Hulk Lou Ferrigno, and actor/Superman Dean Cain, I turned the song into messages from their characters. This is another feel good, relaxing song. It could be the theme to a television show. It’s about you being the new super hero. Don’t wait for a hero. Be one now.

“Ti Amo” was written for my love, Nerissa. I felt the urge to write a love song and thought, what better way to do it than to think of who I love and just write a song for her. I did. I believe anyone can feel the love in this one. Nerissa says she does. Love heals.

All of the above is a reminder that miracles are possible for all of us.

Yes, even you.

I created this fifth album of healing songs by declaring an intention. I didn’t have any reason or motivation or evidence that I could write ten new (and good, IMHO) songs in two months. But declaring an intention “called forth” all this music.

You can do this, too.

What do you want to attract?

What do you want to “call forth”?

What miracle would be cool to experience?

Declare it.

Ao Akua


PS – You can order “Sun Will Rise” at http://www.healingrockmusic.com. My previous Healing Music albums are at —

Member BBB 2003 - 2013

Member BBB 2003 - 2013