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Kevin Trudeau's Secret Wish

Kevin Trudeau is famous for his popular infomercials for his bestselling books, from The Weight Loss Cure to Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know to Debt Cures and more.

He’s committed to making a difference in the world. He wants to make a profit while doing so, but that’s the entrepreneurial mindset. His real love is informing people that there are natural remedies to most of the health issues of the day. He’s not going to let anyone stop him from spreading the word, either.

Over the last year I’ve gotten to know him. We’ve had several dinners, meetings, and email exchanges. I’ve been on his radio show, and I’ve interviewed him for my Hypnotic Gold members.

I’ve found him to be sincere and passionate.  Whenever I meet with him, I learn something new about health, healing and/or marketing, and even the Law of Attraction. Turns out Kevin is a big believer in LOA and uses it to be so successful.

kevin trudeau and joe vitale

I have a terrific infomercial for my new book, Attract Money Now because of Kevin’s inspiration.

And when my back began to hurt due to the car accident in Russia a few months ago, it was Kevin who told me of a a cool new tool that has changed my life and sped up my healing.

Recently he gave me a copy of his new audio program, a fourteen CD set titled Your Wish Is Your Command. Since Kevin is a terrific story teller, a riveting speaker, and a walking library of information on attracting what you want in life (with a focus on attracting money), I couldn’t wait to listen to it.

I did and loved it.


It’s based on a two-day seminar he gave where people paid $11,000 each to hear him speak. ($11,000!) Lucky you, you can now listen to the same event on audio CDs for under $300.

I’m not an affiliate for the program, but I strongly encourage you to get the set and take the time to listen to it. You’ll learn a lot on many levels.

Just go to Your Wish Is Your Command.

Ao Akua,


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The Secret of Life Attraction

The other day a woman asked me for the secret to life attraction.

I didn’t understand the question.

Most ask me how to use the secret Law of Attraction to attract money or attract a partner. I’m not used to the question, “What is the secret to life attraction?”

As I thought about it, I realized the secret to attracting anything is the same: be clear about what you want and clear inside so you can attract it.

But what does that mean?

Being clear about what you want means to be so detailed and specific that you can tell it to another person and they could repeat it back to you, or maybe go get what you asked for. They would not be confused.

No matter what you ask for in life, the clearer you can articulate your request, the easier time you’ll have in attracting it. You’ll have a destination. You’ll have a target. It all begins there.

Of course, you can’t ask for a specific person or thing. You have to allow room for something better to come your way.

Being clear inside means you don’t have any counter-intentions stopping you from attracting what you want.

In other words, if you want to attract a new job but also feel you don’t have the skills or experience, or the economy isn’t right, then your internal belief could slow or even stop your progress.  You need to be in alignment with your goals. You need to be congruent. You need to be clear.

Being clear means you are consciously and unconsciously in alignment with your desire.

I don’t think you could name anything in life that doesn’t require the above two steps. Whether you want to attract money or health or work or a relationship, it all boils down to knowing what you want and being clear about deserving it. To me, that’s the secret to life attraction.

Obviously, there’s more to the story.

You still need to take action. When inspiration hits, or an opportunity appears, your job is to take action. When I was on FOX News & Friends November 8, the first thing I told the viewers was they had to to do something to attract and achieve results. It’s a major secret to success.

So now we’re up to three secrets:

1. Know exactly what you want

2. Be clear about accepting it

3. Take action to attract it.

Are there more secrets?

Of course.

When I was on Donny Deutsch’s TV show, The Big Idea, November 19, 2007, I explained the five step formula from my book The Attractor Factor:

So are those five steps the complete secret of life attraction?

Life can’t be distilled into one blog post.

This is why I have books, such as Attract Money Now, and audios,  such as The Secret to Attracting Money, and DVDs, such as Zero Limits: The Final chapter, and of course my Miracles Coaching program.

It’s all available for you to choose from and enjoy, so you can finally understand the secret of life attraction.

But you have to do something to make any of it work.

What will you do now?

Ao Akua,


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The Woman Who Sang Past Fear

On November 20 I held an autograph party for the release of my latest book, Attract Money Now. Despite the bad weather, some people drove hundreds of miles to the Vitale Cigar Room to meet me, talk, and get their beautiful hardcover book signed. It was a wonderful evening.

attract money now hardcover offerOne of the people who came was a young woman from my local area who I didn’t know. She had some questions. As she asked them, I kept thinking someone should film this, as her questions were sincere and perceptive. For example, she asked –

“What’s the one thing you had to change to keep stretching and succeeding?”

It was an easy answer. In my book, Attract Money Now, I say that your wealth is hiding under the very thing you are afraid to do. Face your fears and you can stretch and succeed.

Another question she asked was –

“As you grow, do your friends fall away?”

I told her yes, they often (but not always) do, but it’s a natural process. People who were best friends of mine at one level of growth just floated out of my life as I changed and evolved. There was no animosity. It just happened as an organic growth process.

She also asked –

“Do you have to learn stocks and bonds, trading, banking and real estate to attract big money?”

I told her no. I don’t know anything about trading or real estate and don’t want to. As I explain in my new book, you can attract more money by doing what you love. It helps to think like an entrepreneur but the key is in following your own passion.

She and I talked for a little longer and then, as more people came to greet me, she wandered off.

sarah marie singing

But a little later in the evening she returned with an acoustic guitar in hand. I love guitars and had to know what she was doing with one.

“I want to face my fears,” she told me. “I was wondering if I could play a song for you.”

I of course said yes.

My friend Pat O’Bryan was there.  I quickly asked him if he would film the performance. He agreed.

I guess I was expecting her to play something soft, easy, and sweet. But this woman fried the room, brought everyone to a stand still, and melted my heart as she sang an incredible aria from an Italian opera.

Her voice was stunning. I got goose bumps as she played. It was heavenly and unforgettable.  See for yourself by clicking on the below image:

Her name is Sarah Marie. You can find her music on www.cdbaby.com. She has a myspace page at www.myspace.com/sarahmariesedona

Sarah got past her fear.

sarah flower

All it took was a deep breath and a step forward.

What have you done to face your fears today?

Ao Akua,


PS — If you want help in getting past your fears, consider Dr. Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaching.

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Superman's Money Attractor

Pat O’Bryan sent the following email to me today and I just had to share it with you. I’ll comment on it at the end, so don’t judge it too quickly…

From Pat:

Last night I was reading “The
Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie
as told to Napoleon Hill,”
and I noticed something –

Carnegie and Hill say to write
out your intention and put it
where you can see it – and it
can see you.

Well, they didn’t put the
“and it can see you” part
in there, but that’s because
they didn’t know about Hoshun.


Physical, visible reminders of
our intentions are important.

It’s not magic, but it is magical
the way it works – by stating
our intention and putting up
reminders we’re telling ourselves –

and the world –

that we intend to achieve that

Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie
understood this decades ago, and
it’s still true today.

It’s also universal.


In Siberia, when someone has a wish, or
an intention, they use a Hoshun as a
physical, visible reminder to keep that
intention/wish in their consciousness.

You attract what you focus on –
Hoshun is a focusing tool.

And – to help you focus, when
you get your “lifetime supply”
of Hoshun intention/wish reminders,
you also get three complete
audios with all the benefits
of our Clearing Audios –

So you’ve got visual and
auditory support for making
that intention into a reality –

and making that wish
come true.

You can get your Secret
Russian Wishmaker and all
three audios right now at:


Go see what I’m saying –


Pat O’Bryan

P.S. Wish for something big.

PPS – Bigger than that!

Does Hoshun work?

Can he help you achieve your intentions?

Or is it just a bunch of nonsense?

A friend of mine wrote a book on practical psychology where he encouraged you to pretend you were Superman and then go live your day.

He said to imagine you were wearing a big “S” on your chest, under your clothes.

He writes, “Tattoo Superman on your psyche and pretend you can leap tall barriers and before long you will.”

Why would he advise people to do that?

Isn’t it nuts?

After all, Superman isn’t real!


My psychologist friend knows that when you use a device — even a fictional character — to engage your mind, you tap into powers you have but rarely use.

This is so amazing that I’m even writing a book on how role-playing and role-playing games can help you attract all your heart’s desires.

I hope you get how powerful having a fun focusing device like Hoshun can be.

I’m so impressed with this character as a method for keeping my intentions in mind, that I bought coffee mugs and T-shirts with Hoshun on them.

I even have a bright yellow messenger bag with Hoshun on it.

I have Hoshun on my frig.

I have Hoshun in my wallet.

I have Hoshun as my mobile phone’s screen saver.

Every time I look at these items, I smile, and send a message to my unconscious to attract the intention into reality.

This isn’t much different than Dr. Hew Len, my coauthor of the famous Zero Limits book, advising people to use a Ceeport sticker to clean themselves or their space of negativity.

AMN banner

These mental aides work on a powerful psychological level.

Call it an improvement to Andrew Carnegie’s Money Attractor Secret.

Call it an improvement to Napoleon Hill’s Money Attractor Secret.

Call it Superman’s Money Attractor Secret.

Or —

Call it the best psychological aide for reminding yourself of your goal or intention.

Call it the coolest tool for making the Law of Attraction work for you.

And go get it at — http://secretrussianwishmaker.com

Ao Akua,


PS – When you get your own Hoshun, you’ll also get the secret link to order him on clothes, coffee mugs, messenger bags, and more. Just go to — http://secretrussianwishmaker.com

Note: The psychologist who advised pretending you are Superman (or Superwoman) is Gene Landrum (who also invented Chuck E. Cheese pizza), and his book is called The Superman Syndrome. See  http://www.genelandrum.com/superman.html

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Patterns: Self Destruction Mind Trick

Recently a close friend suddenly and completely severed our relationship.

It was shocking because it was so unexpected and so radical.

He offered no explanation, didn’t return my emails, and slammed the door on a five-year wonderful relationship.

It made me wonder what was going on in my friend’s life for him to act like this. Not only was it unnecessary, as a simple phone or in-person meeting could have cleared up whatever was bothering him, his action also severed a long term business relationship. I was planning to come out with new products I’d create with his help. This is wealth he’ll now miss out on receiving, as I can always do the products with someone else.

I told another friend about this troubling experience and he said, “It’s simply your turn.”

My turn?

He went on to explain that the friend who turned against me had gotten mad at virtually every close friend over the years, including the one I was talking to.

As I thought about it, I realized this was a self destruction or self sabotage pattern.

Whenever things hit some sort of internal button, my old friend hit a switch inside his brain and flipped out. He’s been mad at every single mutual friend we have. Apparently it really is my turn.

I thought about this and wondered why we don’t see our self-destruct patterns, or if we do, interrupt them and stop them.  It made me wonder about self sabotage and self destruction in myself and others.

warsaw stop command

I was in Krakow, Poland as I lay awake one night and reflected on all this. My mind was digging into the psychological motivations for acting out self destruction. After what seemed like hours I came to the conclusion that we don’t see our patterns while we’re in them. We only see them later, after the dust has settled and we can see clearly again. At that point, shame and regret often kick in.

But why don’t we see the pattern as it’s happening?

warsaw new clothes

I remember an attorney once telling me that the human machine isn’t wired to admit fault. We will simply find it easier to blame others.

I also remember Dr. Hew Len, my coauthor for Zero Limits, saying that none of us want to take responsibility for what occurs. It’s too hard. Or said the other way, it’s just so easy to point fingers at others.

I asked Andrzej Batko (pictured above with me), an NLP master trainer and the wonderful man who brought me to Poland (twice so far) to hold Law of Attraction events in Warsaw, what he thought about self-destruction.

“It’s a mind trick,” he said. “I don’t usually see the self sabotage pattern in myself until after it’s over. If I’m aware, I can start to catch it before I repeat it.”

warsaw largest cigar

What can we do about this trick of the mind?

There appears to be two ways to stop self destruction or self sabotage:

1. Awareness. When you’re aware of a pattern, you can begin to interrupt it with a new behavior or insight so you don’t repeat it. This takes work. One book that can help is Why Is This Happening to Me …Again? by Michael Ryce.  My own book, The Key, is also useful. Also, my Awakening Course can be the turning point for you.

2. Coaching. When you have a skilled coach to help reflect your behavior and thoughts back to you, you can more easily escape the unconscious spiral of self-destruction. If you don’t mind the plug, I suggest you check out the Joe Vitale Miracles Coaching program. It’s been helping thousands of people for more than four years now.

How important is coaching?

On the way to see the Leopard sports car, a hand made limited edition roadster made in Poland, I met a man who took all the money he made in one year and gave it to a coach for one year of training.

Consider that: he took an entire year’s wages to get one year of weekly coaching. He said this transformed his life. He’s now a successful, self-employed entrepreneur.

My friend with the self-destruct pattern of getting mad at friends will have to find his way out of the maze. I’ll continue to love him, clean on the experience with ho’oponopono, and monitor my own life for any signs of the mind trick that stops most of us from the success we truly want to attract.

Meanwhile, reflect on the patterns in your own life.

It may truly be time for a change.

Ao Akua,


PS — All above photos, taken in Warsaw, are by Grzegorz Sylla of www.fotani.com in Poland.

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