I am excited! My new book At Zero is out! At Zero is about Ho’oponopono…the ancient Hawaiian healing system. It is the follow up to my first book, Zero Limits.

Pam Oslie asks me INSIGHTFUL questions to really get to the heart of what
Ho’oponopono is, how it works, why it works and the details of how saying just 4 phrases can literally change and heal your life, as well as the lives of others!

We talk about the 4 levels of consciousness, how to ‘change people’ (it’s not what you think!), how living your greatest life is an ‘inside job,’ owning we all are 100% responsible and what that REALLY means, how to live ‘at zero,’ how to know when you are ‘at zero,’ and I also share how I got the opportunity to ‘walk my talk’ using the Ho’oponopono technique (spoiler alert: it worked!).


Do you know what our purpose for being on the planet is? Yep, Pam asked me that big kahuna of a question! Yowza!

To find out what I said, listen here.

Here’s to our journey of awakening!

I love you ~ I’m sorry ~ Please Forgive Me ~ Thank you



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