The Common Sense Psychic takes me down memory lane! She has me recount how I went from being homeless (literally living on the streets, sleeping on post office steps, church pews, and bus stops…the whole she-bang) to moving up a notch…living in poverty to now living the life of the rich and famous.

We delve into just how I made the transformation. In sum, as I changed my beliefs, I was able to get a different reality.

Do you think I am different than you…or anybody else?

I am not different. I am just like you and everyone else. There were times when I wanted to crawl up in a ball and give up, times where I doubted, blamed, and judged everything and everyone and there were times I was even suicidal. The key though is, I did keep moving forward. I did not give up even though I sometimes felt like it. I persisted, followed my dreams, and consistently worked on discovering and clearing my limiting beliefs. And because of that, my reality changed such that I am living a life I LOVE!

We go on to talk about by free e-book, Attract Money Now, my new book At Zero. I offer up some quick abundance principles and a question you can ask yourself that can lead to your own personal wealth: What are you afraid to do?

Having courage and faith takes you far my friend~

Have a listen and enjoy!


Joe Vitale

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