Frankie Faires – Your Body Knows

Frankie Faires graces us with his presence and wonderful insights on today’s podcast.

Sometimes simple is best. Sometimes the basic building blocks are what will skyrocket us into health, success, happiness, magic and miracles beyond measure. This is what you can expect with this amazingly eye-opening interview. Simplicity.

Bottom line of this podcast: Your body knows. Listen to it.

It is true, we don’t come with an owner’s manual BUT we DO come with our own personalized internal compass!

Following your body’s biofeedback, you will feel better than ever and be continually guided to living your best life.

Frankie encourages us all to let our feelings…our body, guide our actions.

  • Have you ever considered that there is NOTHING wrong with you? 

  • Do you know there is science proven benefits to being yourself?

  • Have you considered how beneficial it is to view tools and methods beingexperiments?

  • Are you interested in how to increase your intuition and sensitivity?

  • How can the food you are drawn to and repelled by, tell you more about yourself?

  • How studies you read, shouldn’t be used as 100% reason to do or not do something?

  • How can you listen to your feelings and also be sure you are not falling victim to self-deception and self-sabotage?

  • How to go from “can’t do” to “can do.”

  • Finding your 1%, how to do it and why you want to!

  • Learn how to test your body, to tell you what it wants.

And there is SO MUCH MORE we have packed into this 60 minute call. Listen now to receive “the keys to the kingdom” of the benefits of listening to your body and following its lead!

Be Grand ~ Be Yourself!

Nobody can be YOU, better than YOU!


Listen here.


Frankie Faires is the co-founder of THE MOVEMENT and is an avid Martial Artist.

You can read more of his articles at and

Frankie Faires has been fitness training for over five years and has been a martial artist for nearly twenty years.

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