Joe on “Going from losing it all to having it all” with Asara Lovejoy

This interview with Asara Lovejoy is about my transformation of consciousness from where I was, to where I wanted to go, to the place I am now. I recount my own pivotal points on my personal journey, from having lost it all to now feeling like I have it all…more than I ever imagined even!

On the call, I point out that the FIRST thing I had to do was alter how I was thinking. It was quite a process to overcome for me. You see, I was in an extremely sad, scarcity driven, victim mindset and at points, I was even suicidal. I felt like it was “me against the Universe.” That type of predominant thinking is what kept me stuck for over 10 years.

Everybody here on earth has essentially the same experience in regards to, what we think about tends to come about. It is really, really, really important to think UP. When we think UP, our emotions are UP and our emotions are the accelerator to the manifestation in the physical realm. When I began shifting my thoughts, my emotions shifted, thus my experiences shifted…for the BETTER.

Another HUGE key I talk about is to give without expectation.

Many people seem to be resistant to this… and I can relate. Back then, I used to think, “I am on to your scheme! You just want me to give you money to get you richer! Well I’m not going to do it!” And that level of thinking certainly kept me broke. So, eventually I relented and thought, “Okay, let me just try it, I’ll give a nickel.” And just with that tiny experiment, I actually started to see it coming back. It is truly miraculous how this all works.

And of course I talk about the importance of listening to those inner nudges! Back then, I would get the inner nudge to do something but I would ignore it. I didn’t trust those nudges because they didn’t align with logic. Eventually though, I did begin listening to them, though it was certainly more like me going “kicking and screaming” to “trusting in the unseen” side of life. What I noticed when I would listen to the nudges and act on them, is that shifts would occur and the more I listened, the happier and healthier I felt and the easier my life would get.

And these are just some of the nuggets you will get in this interview – I hope you enjoy it!

A special thanks goes to Asara for a great interview and be sure to catch Asara on her radio show: “Living in the Quantum Field” on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm PST. Here is the link for the show.

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Godspeed to you!



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