Secret to Attracting Money with Annie Jennings

Hello All,

Well i don’t know about where you live but Spring is in the air here in the heart of Texas.
Temps are in the 70’s & 80’s …the trees and flowers are blossoming and the birds are singing.

It is a great time of the year to feel the feeling of being alive. So i recommend you take advantage of these good feelings and “spring” into Attracting Money!

Today i visit with Annie Jennings. For those of you who don’t know Annie is one of the best PR ( Public Relations ) people in the industry. She has clients such as :
Dr. Bernie Seigel

Dr. Mitch Gaynor

Deepak Chopra

Ann Louise Gittleman

Richard Carlson

Iyanla Van Zandt

Brian Weiss

Tony Robbins

Oz Garcia

Dr. Richard Firshein

Shakti Gawain

The Learning Annex

The Seminar Center

The NEWLIFE Expo in NYC.

Well in this podcast Annie uses her extensive talent as an interviewer to get the absolute best secrets of attracting money.

I am sure you will get so excited about this interview that i am going to include the link to my newest bestseller from Nightingale – Conant “The Secret to Attracting Money”…it will pick up where i leave off in this interview…you won’t want to miss what else i have to tell you in this incredible Learning tool.

Please enjoy this podcast….and you will make my “Spring” that much better if you apply what you learn and make your “Spring” and Summer the best ever.

Click the play button below to listen to the interview.

Dr. Joe Vitale

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