You are in for a treat with this Podcast! 2014 marks the 10-year anniversary for “The Dr. Pat Show” and it’s already been a decade since I was one of her first guests on her show! Dr. Pat is my interviewer and she certainly is a testament to what’s possible. She is a model of the ‘Phoenix rising from the ashes.’

Boy, she isn’t shy either, as she asks me some pretty bold questions right out of the gate!

We talk about my new book At Zero, the sequel to my book Zero Limits.

I tell the backstory of my 10 year journey where I liken it to a colossal roller coaster going at warp speed. That long season of my life had ups and downs and even another ‘dark knight of the soul’ that I experienced (I thought I was done with those!).

What motivated me to keep pushing? You will want to listen to find out!

Dr. Pat and I discuss points like:

  • “Backlash” and what it really means.

  • What happens to your life if you don’t listen to nudges/inspiration.

  • Unconscious beliefs – The CORNERSTONE of what you’re attracting.

  • Control switch – We get what we expect.

  • 100% Responsibility (Not blame).

  • Inner homelessness.

  • Collective conscious mind.

  • What do we really need to get what we want?

As you can see, this call is one you are destined to listen to!

I love you, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You~


Click the play button below to listen to the podcast.




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