In this lively and informative podcast, Raven Blair Davis interviews me about my book Attract Money Now.

As someone who has been interviewed by many people, I feel Raven is probably the best interviewer I’ve ever come across! She’s terrific! Her show is just what the world needs right now.

Raven hosts this popular small business home radio show, that targets men and women who are looking to spend more time at home with their children, perhaps have lost their job or forced into early retirement and are looking for ways to create a consistent income.

Right from the start of the interview, we dive right in and talk about steps to take to alter how we think about money. The first step being awareness…becoming aware of your real thoughts about money and the power you give to money. Here is an example:

Problem/Misconception: Thinking money is the answer to everything
Reality: Money is only paper and coin and you simply use it as a tool
Result of embracing the reality: All of the charge and the desperation are taken off of money and the energy then can flow smoothly.

Consider that you don’t really want money. Consider that you want what money will bring to you.

We also touch on the importance of goal setting. I say, know what your life mission is and pursue it, then set a goal that you know you can achieve in a measurable way. Having an inspired goal is necessary so as to align our mind and body and it also tells the Universe what we want.

We have a choice in this life to struggle or to flow. I have found the escalator through life and I am trying to point to where it is to help as many people as I can.

Here’s to riding the escalator!



P.S. Remember this ebook is my gift to you, so go to now and download it for FREE!

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