Joe on Ho’oponopono and Zero Limits

Ho’oponopono, it means “to make right” and it is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation, forgiveness and ultimately, it heals.

I am thrilled to be interviewed on this topic! I love talking about Ho’oponopono. It is truly miraculous. You can literally attain peace, happiness, health and wealth just by using 4 simple phrases.

In this podcast, I explain how to clear your mind of subconscious blocks that are preventing you from living an inspired life. For years, I have frequently reminded people of the fact that it is our sub-conscious mind that ultimately dictates how we co-create life; “cleaning” with Ho’oponopono is a miraculous path to get your sub-conscious in alignment with Divinity to allow inspiration to flow to and through you.

Would you like to heal all of your problems in your life? If you answered “Yes,” here is a tip: You do it by healing yourself internally. Everything is in you. There is no “out there,” there is only that which is in you. And when you clear that which is in you (memories), anything is possible (inspiration). When you are at “Zero,” you are living in a world free of mental constraints. And that my friend, is a blissful place to live. I have written about Ho’oponopono in my book Zero Limits, which is a guide that will help you open your life to a Universe of freedom, healing and unlimited possibility.

Note: Use Ho’oponopono for EVERYTHING. And when I say everything, I really do mean everything. From a thought, an emotion, a circumstance…you name it big or small, Ho’oponopono is the “turn to” practice that will clean and clear the problem…cultimately erasing it!

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On the call, we also touch on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and The Sedona Method and how to use these techniques to break addictions.

A BIG thank you goes out to Connie for giving me the opportunity to share what has had the biggest and most positive impact on my life.

Here’s a bit of information about her: Connie has been a radio host since July 2007, when she founded the “Stop Sugar Shock Radio Show” on BlogTalkRadio. In June 2008, she renamed it the “Gab with the Gurus Radio Show” to more accurately reflect the fact that she interviews experts in a variety of fields, including health, wellness, personal empowerment, the Law of Attraction, business, social networking, relationships and self-growth. She also interviews celebrities and fiction writers. Find her at Go inward and you will see just how beautiful inspiration is!

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Godspeed to you!



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