Dr. Alvin and I take you through a quick, clear and concise interview on my new book At Zero.

We recap my first book on Ho’oponopono called Zero Limits; I say it was the world’s wake-up call!

Over the years, I have noticed there are many misconceptions and misinterpretations of Ho’oponopono. There is unfamiliarity about the unconscious mind and just how powerful it truly is. The concept of everything is within the individual is still lost on many; it seems that concept is difficult to embrace. If everything is within the individual, then personal responsibility (not blame) is the core foundation; which, then leads into forgiveness – why to forgive, who to forgive and how to forgive. People are struggling with those concepts as well.

So reading the above, I am sure you can imagine, I have received thousands of questions, concerns and stories from readers over the 7 years since I first wrote Zero Limits. As Dr. Hew Len says: “There is a lot to clean up!”

I have of course been on my own journey with Ho’oponopono and have had my own questions, concerns, insights and stories as well.

All of the ‘golden nugget’ answers to the above are shared in great detail inAt Zero. No stone was left unturned. This is the final secret to Zero Limits!

Here is to being at zero-




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