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I hope you are having a wonderful Summer!!!

Nerissa and i just got back from Bermuda…and we had a Spectacular time..we loved it!

Summer is a slow time for a lot of things since so many people are on vacation. Many business people like to wait until the summer is over to introduce a new product because they believe that timing can be important. Besides the economy is bad right now.

And While I agree with this to some extent…i think it is a belief…a belief that can be changed.

With that in mind I decided not to wait….and not to believe in the “summertime is slow” belief and the “Economy is bad” belief.

Instead we decided to release our newest Subliminal Manifestation DVD based on Zero Limits . We released it with the belief that people were anxiously waiting to buy this DVD.

Right now!.. in the middle of summer!

In a bad economy.

Since we have let people know it was available… we have broken all kinds of sales records. We are having a hard time getting all the orders out everyday. It is incredible watching this!

This is a real time belief that by changing it in the now, the results have changed NOW…and it is happening right at this very moment.

You to can experience the same thing right now.

When you listen to this podcast today you will get some of my newest information.

I am GIVING you a monthly Miracles Coaching® call on “Money” that will tell you how to deal with beliefs that might be keeping you from the success that can get you the results that you deserve.

In this call you are about to listen to, i get very deep into the principles of my newest book.
I will divulge 10 beliefs that keep you from money and wealth…and how to get past them to Attract Money NOW!

Attract Money Now is my brand new book…and i am giving it to you for FREE!!!
So please listen to this podcast and find out about how you can get your copy….and hear me tell you these principles as quickly as you can download this podcast.

I dont remember giving so many money principles in any audio or book before…let alone for FREE!

And while you are at it Please check out my Completely revised and updated Miracles Coaching® Program which will help you get there so much faster.

Please enjoy the rest of your summer…and remember there are a lot of people out their waiting for your product …service..or idea…RIGHT NOW!

Get past those 10 beliefs that keep you from money and wealth and start living the reality you want and deserve.

Click here tot listen to the call.


Dr. Joe Vitale

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