This interview for the “Secret to Success Summit” weaves through my experience and rise from homelessness and poverty to living a life I absolutely love! I also give many tips on how you too, can be living a life YOU love!

I am first asked what the turning point was for me. Here is part of my answer:

I had a wakeup call with my Self-Esteem. I realized my suffering was self-inflicted because I believed it was necessary to lead a melancholy life to be a great author. So many of the great authors I admired lead lives of suffering…so I was just following suit. Until…I WOKE UP! I realized it was mybeliefs that were creating my reality. This was a defining moment in my life journey.

Hope and curiosity kept me going in even the bleakest of times. I kept doing what the personal development books were telling me to do and kept wondering with intense curiosity how it was all going to turn out.

Key points in this interview

  • How to cultivate ones self-value and self-worth.

  • How your UNCONSCIOUS beliefs are really running the show, regardless of what you are consciously saying you believe.

  • Repetition is key. What are you repeating to yourself?

  • Creating an inner Cheerleader.

  • A magical phrase that can change how spending money can actually bring more money to you!

  • Having an entrepreneurial mind is key to attracting money from multiple avenues.

  • Are your desires coming from ‘monkey mind’ or from your heart?

  • Money likes speed (Take quick action!)

And so much more!

Remember: Money is a useful tool to fulfill your mission on earth. Attract it now!

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