My 30 Year Overnight Success Story

Today I participated in an “off the cuff” interview with Lisa Robbin Young. Her questions were insightful and right in line for the theme of her guest post series “Be Your Own Guru,” which you can find at Her focus with this series is to help people overcome excuses — and define their own success by breaking through barriers.

We start off by discussing my “overnight success,” if you consider overnight to be 30 years! I delve into what it was like to go from being homeless, in Dallas, to living over a decade in poverty, in Houston, to finally rising up from those hard times to the dream life I am now living of magic and miracles!

I share that my rise to success had no lucky breaks but instead was laced with rejection, rejection-recovery, self-reflection, pain, and non-stop persistence. Being a writer, you are bound to face rejection from publishers. Well, I used to take those publisher rejections very, very personally. I was so attached to my books being “me” that when they were rejected, I translated that it was me that was being rejected.

Be that as it were, I kept persevering and after much trying and recovering over and over again, I would eventually get an item published here and there until the tides finally did shift…as I consistently shifted myself. My awakening process was not easy…not easy at all.

Even today as I dare something worthy, I run into issues of belief, self-esteem, worthiness and self-doubt. So I am still working on myself today, facing some of the same limitations, just at different levels and in different areas of my life.

In this revealing interview, we go quite in depth of my trials, tribulations, lessons, successes, tips, insights, revelations and real life examples of whatworked for me — to go from my lowest of lows to the high life of magic and miracles I experience everyday!

In short:
The key is to persevere, keep moving forward, take inspired action, and then surrender any expected outcome and all the while, allow your passion to illuminate the way!

Here’s to following your passion and bliss!


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