Highlights from Joan’s Pro$perity Place interview with Joe Vitale:

Joe shares the back story to how he became homeless in the late 1970s and how the experience led to his becoming involved with personal growth and development.

Although he was in a difficult emotional place during the homeless period, Joe talks about what kept him going and what inspired him to keep moving forward.

He spent a lot of time at the public library reading personal growth and motivational books, which showed him a new way of thinking.

“Even though there was no evidence around me that I could be a success, I started to believe it could happen.”

His homeless period was so difficult that it’s hard for him to see the good in it. By changing the story about his homelessness, he can talk about it now.

“The thing that changes us the fastest is when we feel grateful for what we have right now.”

The sooner we start to understand that whatever we are going through is taking us to a higher place, the sooner we transform into the thing we have been longing for.

When Joe came out of homelessness, he lived in poverty for 10 years. So, for a long time, he fought the idea of being grateful where he was. He describes the moment when he realized he could chose to be grateful, which opened him up to new possibilities.

Joe’s defining moment came when, while reading the books at the library during his homeless stint, he realized that he had been modeling his life after self-destructive authors and that he could choose to believe that he could become a famous author.

“It keeps coming back to belief for me.”

What keeps people from believing in themselves? Joe talks about fear of success.

Most people believe that money is evil, and people can’t make much money when they believe that money is bad.

Your inner reality is filtering the information that you let in. We don’t realize our reality is created by our filtering system.

Joe has recreated himself as a self-help songwriter and talks about his songs.


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