Hold onto your seat! Just as soon as you push “play,” you will be listening to Lee Milteer interview me about my new book, Instant Manifestation.

Let me tell you, this podcast is jam packed with GOOD stuff!

I share multiple tips, ideas, secrets and strategies to help you manifest…instantly.

It is so important to work from the inside out! You first have got to correct the ‘software’ in your mind, so to speak.

When the software is running properly, then the reality on the outside will change…near instantly.

Basically, it’s an inside job!

Are you interested in attracting more money, more sales, better health, a fantastic relationship or be a more successful entrepreneur or… fill in the blank?

I will bet you answered “Yes!”

If so, your first order of business is to listen to this podcast!

Get a pen and paper out….

You will definitely want to take notes on this call.

We go over how to overcome being stopped by what other people say/feel, how to change your life story (it really is just a story), the importance of and how to activate gratitude in your life, an amazing technique of manifesting called “The Remembering Process,” the importance of choosing the right people to surround yourself with, how to take action consistently and much more!

So, all in all, the question to ask now is: Are you ready to push “play”?


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6




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