Chris Molinari – Releasing the Fear of Cancer through Ho’oponopono with Dr. Joe Vitale

Chris Molinari is the creator of the radio show, titled: “Cancer: A Warrior’s Journey” on Building Fortunes Radio Network.

Tune in as she interviews Joe Vitale about Ho’oponopono and how this powerful cleaning technique not only helped her physically, but also emotionally in overcoming her fears, after she received her own Stage 3 cancer diagnosis back in 2012.

Today she celebrates being in remission and is as active as ever in her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Molinari is a writer, copywriter, works in the PR Industry assisting individuals with expanding their online and offline visibility and creating their Brand. She Hosts two Podcast radio shows and works with NY times Bestselling Authors, CEOS and Presidents of many companies. She is currently writing a book and creating a course on Clear Communication and High-Level Negotiation. She has a Master’s Certification in NLP and Hypnotherapy, as well as practicing Remote Viewing.

Listen here.



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