Veronica Entwistle – Ho’oponopono, Zero Limits, At Zero and more!

We start this jam-packed informational interview talking about the ancient Hawaiian cleaning technique called Ho’oponopono and how I found out about it some 10 years ago. My book Zero Limits was the introduction to this technique and I have since followed it up with the sequel to that book; it is called At Zero.

I explain in great detail of the Ho’oponopono technique and the meaning behind the 4 phrases, where it came from (did you know there are two different kinds of Ho’oponopono?) and how to use it to clean and clear you and your life.

We go through points such as:

  • What if there is no such thing as ego?
  • When I experienced a backlash of insults and betrayal and lies about me from the public and friends, what I did to overcome that…and CLEAN IT.
  • Taking 100% responsibility in a quantum leap kind of way.
  • Amazing testimonies.
  • My new music path and how I implemented Ho’oponopono when fears, blocks and limiting beliefs about being a musician arose.
  • The Secret Mirror. What it is. How to do it. Results you will get if you do it!
  • The Remembering Process. What it is. How I used it to write songs for my singer songwriter albums!

This call is loaded with great stuff…so much you may need to listen to it more than once to absorb it all!



Listen here.

Veronica Entwistle is an intuitive and energy counselor who, like many of you, is an explorer on the path of the new emerging humanities that are unfolding all around us. She uses her gifts of intuition, as well as her rapport with various realms of consciousness and loving Guides and Angels, to create universal understandings within the murky stew of all our experiences. Her website site is a portal where many of my discoveries are brought together so that she may lovingly share them with you. She offers tools to inspire your change, allowing you to fully harness the potential of your inner self.

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