Today I am interviewed by one of the best and most prominent announcers around: Dick Heatherton.

Dick and I explore how thrilling it is to recognize and capitalize on your unused talents by rediscovering and unleashing talents you have filed away. We talk about masterminds and how to create success in being a part of one. I explain how many people are afraid of failure AND afraid of success and we discuss how going after your passion and using the energy of fear to propel you forward can set you on the path to living your dreams.

Here is a bit of information about Dick:

Dick is an author and empowerment/motivational speaker who reveals and demonstrates “How to succeed” to thousands upon thousands of people around the country, based on his book/CD package “The Surrender Solution.” Dick Heatherton has served as VP/ General Manager, Regional Manager, Program Director and Marketing Consultant for many of the largest Radio and TV groups in the country including CBS, Westwood One, Salem Communications and Entercom.

Remember, nothing is too big and nothing is too good to be true. The sky isn’t even the limit.

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