The Secret to Attracting Money

Hello All !

It has been a while since our last Podcast visit…too long!

Today we have an incredible audio interview with my friend and VP of Marketing Peter Wink… on “The Secret to Attracting Money”.
This is the exact same name as My brand NEW Multimedia course. It includes an Amazing DVD of a Power Packed Speech i recently gave in San Diego…..8 CD’s loaded with NEW information on Attracting Money….and a Secret Workbook that will show you directly some of the Secrets of Attracting Money.

I sent an email to everyone this morning about “The Secret to Attracting Money” and the sales already are off the chart…so you will want to get yours ASAP.

But before you do you might want to listen to this incredible interview about my new product and find out how you can get some incredible bonuses that you cannot find anywhere else.
And if you absolutely cannot wait and you want to order can go here The Secret to Attracting Money

Both Peter and Myself agreed this was one Fantastic interview when we were done. We know that you feel the same way when you are done listening.

Please let me know how you enjoy the teleseminar as well as The Secret to Attracting Money.
I also want to hear about how this NEW course has changed your life.

Click the play button below to listen to the interview.


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