Attract Wealth Seminar 2 Pre-Seminar Call



Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving:-)

Last week we had an absolutely incredible Pre- Attract Wealth Seminar 2 teleseminar.

The list of Speakers on the call is top notch and the information can change your life.

Joe Sugarman
Wendi Friesen
Mindy Audlin
Jon Biel
Rev. Will Bowen

And yours truely Dr. Joe Vitale

After listening to this Awesome call I am sure you will get excited about Joining us in Austin.. January 9th-10th-11th 2009 for Attract Wealth Seminar 2 check out the call by clicking on the play buttons below.

Part 1


Part 2

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday Season!


Dr. Joe Vitale

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