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Flying Midgets, Burning Bras

Back in 2001 I released my magnum opus when it comes to marketing.

Titled Hypnotic Marketing, it was an e-book revealing my three-step formula for attracting more business.

It was packed with juicy stories and funny case histories, from flying midgets to burning bras, to stupid websites to outrageous ideas that worked, and more.

In print for the first time in 11 years

In print for the first time in 11 years

I just updated and released the book as a printed paperback, now more than 400 pages long, and containing zippy and zany articles as bonuses, and revealing a fourth step to the famous marketing formula.

There’s everything in this mega-book, including —

Chapter 2: How to Hypnotize the Masses with “PO” Ideas
Chapter 3: Flying Midgets and the PR Folk Hero
Chapter 4: Eight Proven Rules for Getting Publicity
Chapter 5: Pitching a Heavyweight Boxing Champion and His Sausage
Chapter 6: Show Your Bra!
Chapter 7: 21 Ways to Identify Story Ideas About You or Your Business
Chapter 8: Running Water
Chapter 9: Selling Bloody Games
Chapter 10: One of the Easiest Ways in the World to Get Publicity
Chapter 11: How to Install a “Success Wish” in Your Mind
Chapter 12: The Top Three Ways Guaranteed to ALWAYS Hypnotize the Media
Chapter 13: 10 Tips on Becoming Newsworthy from a Media Tigress
Chapter 14: The Seven Laws of Baseball’s Greatest Publicist
Chapter 15: The Psychology of Hypnotic Publicity
Chapter 16: Edgy Top Secret Ways to Absolutely Nail Media Attention
Chapter 17: How to Get Rich With P.T. Barnum’s Secret
Chapter 18: The Amazing Breakthrough Formula Called “E-DR Publicity”
Chapter 19: A New Way to Get 30 times More Replies from the Media!
Chapter 20: 14 Instant Ways to Send Out Your News
Chapter 21: Two Words that Can Get You on Virtually Any Radio or TV show

And it doesn’t stop there —

Chapter 22: Your Keys to Hypnotic Websites
Chapter 23: A Master Copywriter Reveals His Inner Secrets
Chapter 24: A Forbidden Persuasion Master Reveals His Secrets
Chapter 25: A Practical Mystic Reveals His Website Secrets
Chapter 26: Declan Dunn Shocks Me with His Website Secrets
Chapter 27: What Are the Hardest-Hitting Direct-Selling Websites Online?
Chapter 28: Some Sexy Advice from the World’s Greatest Hypnotist
Chapter 29: How to Transform a So-So Website into a Truly Hypnotic Website
Chapter 30: How An “Inspirational Folk Musician” Can Create a Hypnotic Website
Chapter 31: What You Can Learn from This Really Stupid Website

And wait! There’s more –

Chapter 32: The Secret Nobody Wants You to Know About Making Money Online
Chapter 33: How a Famous Street Magician Can Help You Create Hypnotic E-mails
Chapter 34: How to Create E-mails that Secretly Seduce Your Readers
Chapter 35: The Five Best Ways to Create Hypnotic Email Openers
Chapter 36: “How Can the Right Question Bring in 317% More Orders?”
Chapter 37: E-mail Sales Letter Samples that are Making Me Rich
Chapter 38: A Little Known Secret for Doubling Responses to Your E-Offers
Chapter 39: How to Make Even More Money With This Unusual E-mail Secret
Chapter 40: What are Five Ways to Get People to Open Your E-mail?
Chapter 41: A Truly “Killer” Hypnotic Sales Letter Used Online AND Off
Chapter 42: The World’s Most Unusual Way to Strengthen Your Hypnotic Writing

And it doesn’t even stop there, as the rest of the book is packed with info on social media marketing to “dangerous selling” to the best books on marketing, and more.

The famous three-step formula now contains a fourth step, on social media marketing.

I just read my own book as a printed paperback and loved it. 🙂

I’m not the only one to love it, of course:

“It’s Like Selling Fort Knox At A Discount”

“Joe, you’ve written a masterpiece. Condensing the formula for getting rich in only 79 days into three simple steps anyone can follow is brilliant! As with everything you write, ‘Hypnotic Marketing’ is crammed full of true-to-life, straight forward ways to start a welcome flow of cash into anyone’s bank account.

We all thank you for making this gem available. But, come on, Joe…that price. You’ve got to be kidding! Why would you give away so much for so little? It’s like selling Fort Knox at a discount!”

— Dr. Paul Hartunian, Author, How to Get a Million Dollars in Publicity FREE!, PrProfits.com/ezine/

“I Learned Something New On Every Page”

“Joe Vitale hypnotized me today! He did it with ‘Hypnotic Marketing,’ which I found impossible to stop reading. I learned something new on every page, and I’ve been learning about marketing since l958. Now, I can only shudder for those poor souls who haven’t yet learned what Joe has to teach.

Not only does he enlighten, but he does it in such a warm and engaging way, that you cannot help but complete his book with a smile in your heart and dollar signs on your mind. Thank you, Joe, for a mighty contribution to the world of marketing.”

— the late Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, Guerrilla Marketing series, JayConradLevinson.com

If you are at all interested in marketing, online or off, publicity, websites that sell, hypnotic writing and the like, you must have this book.

Click image to buy book

Click image to buy book

It’s at Amazon as a printed book at http://www.amazon.com/Hypnotic-Marketing-Collection-Successful-Techniques/dp/1512155233/

It’s online as an e-book at http://www.hypnoticmarketing.com

Go get it.

Ao Akua,


PS – Long before I became a Law of Attraction teacher and author of such self-help spiritual books as The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits, I was known as a hypnotic writer (I wrote Hypnotic Writing, Buying Trances, There’s A Customer Born Every Minute, and many more books) and marketing specialist (having clients like The Red Cross to small and large companies to hundreds of authors and speakers). The best of that side of me is in my famous book, Hypnotic Marketing. I’m proud of that book and urge you to check it out.  It’s at Amazon as a printed book at http://www.amazon.com/Hypnotic-Marketing-Collection-Successful-Techniques/dp/1512155233/ It’s still online as an e-book at http://www.hypnoticmarketing.com

Member BBB 2003 - 2015

Member BBB 2003 - 2015


Money Wise

A friend about to turn 40 years old sent me this question –

“What is the main/biggest thing you wish you knew about money before you were 40?”

I thought about it and came up with the following answer:

Stop worrying; it all works out.

Since I’m now in my sixties and have gone from homeless to poverty to filing bankruptcy to sleepless nights and more, only to end up living the life of one of the rich and famous, I’d say that all my worrying didn’t help at all.

Worry is a belief. It’s trained behavior. Most of us think if we worry, we will whip ourselves into doing something. But worry doesn’t stimulate right action. It stimulates more worry. And from a Law of Attraction view, worry begets worry.

Think about it: Under the feeling of worry are fear based thoughts, such as “What if this doesn’t work out?”, “What if my car is repossessed?”, “What if I lose my job and then…and then…and…!?!”

Those thoughts will create a reality that matches them.

Those thoughts will lead to desperate behaviors, and cause you to ignore more prosperous opportunities.

Those thoughts will create the same old scenario.

As I’ve said many times, you will easily attract what you fear or what you love, because both are strong emotions packed with high voltage energy.

It’s wiser to focus on what you love rather than on what you loathe.

Come from faith rather than fear.

Come from prosperity rather than panic.

Said another way –

Watch which thoughts you feed. If you think lack and limitation but pray for peace and prosperity, you are like a farmer who plants strawberries but prays for tomatoes.

I’ve learned that I need to work but not worry.

Trusting work, faithful work, passionate work.

But no worry work.

Using worry and fear to motivate yourself is a fool’s game. It doesn’t help.

Had I known this fact of life before the age of 40, I would have been happier and slept better, and probably reached success sooner.

In short, keep working, stop worrying.

My friend also asked —

“What single factor/knowledge/idea would you say was the most influential in being financially free and successful?”

Again, I meditated on the question and came up with this answer —

Definitive course on attracting money

Definitive course on attracting money

Realize money can come from multiple avenues.

For decades I thought money would only come to me from my writing. I couldn’t see any other way. While I continued to labor at day jobs I hated, just to survive, I also continued to write and submit my work to publishers. My entire focus was on money coming from writing.

I couldn’t see the bigger pie.

I couldn’t see the world of infinite possibilities.

I couldn’t even imagine it.

When I began to expand my mind, through books and audios I borrowed from the library, and allowed money to come to me in new and even surprising ways, my income increased.

For example, I began to speak in public.

That was a huge undertaking for me because my natural inclination at the time was to be a book nerd and live in the library. Public speaking was terrifying. Even traumatizing.

But I did it as it introduced a new way to receive money. Either I would get paid to speak or I spoke for free but sold my books in the back of the room. It worked.

I did more than speak, too.

I also tried publishing my first book as a correspondence course. This got my mind to relax the restraint that published writing meant having a publisher. It didn’t. I could take a book, break it into lessons, and sell it as a course.

I tried it once with a classified ad. (This was long before the Internet.)

It failed.

But a decade later, when I tried the same thing online, it became a major income stream for me. It led to my creating e-classes, and attracting tens of thousands of dollars (and a BMW Z3, which was a big deal for me at the time) as a result.

Learning to expand my mind about how money could come to me also led to recording audios.

The legendary publicist and dog lover, Paul Hartunian, told me how easy it was to make audio programs in my home. I listened to this wonderful mentor and acted.

I bought a cheap cassette player, put pillows under the window and door cracks, and recorded a marketing program in my bedroom. Most of it was based on what I learned from researching P.T. Barnum, and writing a book about his business secrets, titled There’s A Customer Born Every Minute.

I sold that home made program for $500 a copy. It later became my first Nightingale-Conant program, called The Power of Outrageous Marketing.

And that, of course, led to me creating numerous audio programs for Nightingale, and becoming one of their best selling authors ever.

My mind expanding didn’t stop there.

All the self-study I had put into becoming a writer meant I had skills most others didn’t have.

Bob Bly taught me (through his books and later with snail mail letters he was kind enough to write to me) to be a copywriter. That lead to a nice income writing sales letters, ads, and more (eventually even writing sales copy for Jerry and Esther Hicks, of Abraham fame).

As I continued to expand my mind, I learned about direct mail marketing.

I borrowed a little money from my parents, rented a mailing list, and sent out a sales letter I had hypnotically written about a new software program. (To show you how long ago this was, the program was DOS based and came on a floppy disk).

It worked.

I still remember opening my post office box and seeing an order for the software. I felt like I had won the lottery.

I also wrote a book about my own invented form of copywriting, had it bound at Kinkos, and sold it at my talks. That self-published manual later became my first e-book, thanks to Mark Joyner, which led to a long series of profit attracting digital products.

It changed my life forever.

It’s still famous today, in print and as an e-book, titled Hypnotic Writing.

And all of this was long before I was ever invited to be in the hit movie The Secret, which of course also changed my life forever, as it shot me into global notoriety and led to numerous unexpected opportunities.

I could go on, but you get the point.

My income increased when I didn’t insist that it come to me in a particular way.

Expand your mind to allow money to arrive in other ways.

Money doesn’t have any beliefs about you; you have beliefs about money. It will come to you if you don’t block it or wear blinders when it drives by your home.

To help you stop worrying and expand your mind —

Read books by Catherine Ponder, Arnold Patent, Napoleon Hill, and me.

Read The Power of Impossible Thinking by Yoram Wind and Colin Cook.

Read Create or Die: A Manifesto for Fearless Creators Everywhere by Dr. Morgan Giddings.

Listen to audio programs from Nightingale-Conant, from Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hanson, and me.

Listen to The Secret to Attracting Money by Joe Vitale.

Of course, you still have to follow your passion, take inspired action, maintain your character and your health, but the above will get you going in the right direction to attract more money.

Happy New Year!

Expect Miracles!

Ao Akua,


NOTE: If you are truly panicking because the bills have piled up, you’re out of work, and you see no end in sight, remember that there are numerous resources available to help you. Yes, take care of your mindset, but also call for help when you need it. The back of my book, Attract Money Now, has a resource section. It’s free right here.

PS – The fastest way to expand your mind is with the help of your own Miracles Coach. Check out Miracles Coaching.

Member BBB 2003 - 2015

Member BBB 2003 - 2015


Joe Vitale E-books for Only $3.99

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Thank you
I love you

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Member BBB 2003 – 2012

Lost Mad Men Secret

The hit AMC television show, Mad Men, has been riveting and repulsing me since I first started watching it years ago. You’d think I’d turn it off. But there are moments in the show when brilliance comes through and I sit in awe. Then again, there are way too many moments where I’m just disgusted.

In case you didn’t know, Mad Men is a soap opera-ish adult drama about an up-start advertising agency in New York City in the 1960s. The characters are alive and easy to love or hate; the sets are so real it feels like you time traveled right to the sixties; the conflicts, personal and public, are engaging; the dialogue is human, real, and sometimes profound. All in all, it’s no wonder the show is a hit. It’s prime time drama with unique elements. And it’s won 15 Golden Globe awards and 4 Emmys — so far.

So why does it repulse me?

Virtually everyone on Mad Men has at least one psychological problem. The leader of the pack is of course Don Draper, brilliantly played by actor Jon Hamm. Draper has so many demons inside his skull, he’s a walking version of an internal hell. He’s self-destructive with women and booze, but he’s also often a genius at ad campaigns. He’s got so many secrets he might as well call himself Freud’s best candidate for therapy. In fact, he’s not even Don Draper. That’s the identity the character stole long before he became an ad man. Ah, the twists into mental hell.

Of course, I didn’t like it at all when Lane Pryce, a charming character in the show (played by Jared Harris), embezzled money from the company, was caught by Don Draper, and committed suicide. That episode is still stuck in my craw. I wasn’t even going to write a blog post about the show until after that unforgettably sad airing. I liked Lane. But he, too, was deeply flawed. More than that, people unconsciously model what they see. Seeing a strong character choose suicide is not showing wisdom. Again, we unconsciously attract what we believe and expect.

But the psychological issues don’t bother me so much as the business practices the agency demonstrates.

Lying, betrayal, manipulation, head games — it’s the way of life on the TV show. The series reveals the struggling agency is a prostitute that will sell anything for money. Their chief secretary, Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks), even sells her body for a one night (actually, it was a one evening) stand to get a partnership in the agency and sway a voting client to give the agency a new account. And the agency itself takes on a car company they openly believe manufactures unreliable cars. Anything for a buck.

I know something about ad agencies. I’ve studied and written about some of the real life “Mad Men” in history. Most of the names are legends in the business (and sometimes dropped on the TV show for authenticity), but many you may never have heard of unless you go Google them: John Caples, Bruce Barton, David Ogilvy, Helen Woodward, Claude Hopkins, Rosser Reeves, and more.

These people were geniuses at writing copy and creating ads that pulled in sales. Some, like Maxwell Sackheim, created ads that were so powerful in making sales, they ran unchanged for forty years.

What I admire about the real Mad Men (and Mad Women) I studied were their creativity and sincerity. Bruce Barton, the cofounder of BBDO, and the subject of my book, The Seven Lost Secrets of Success, believed sincerity was the key to success. He turned down clients he didn’t believe in, walking away from thousands to millions of dollars.

John Caples, one of the most famous copywriters in history (he wrote the legendary 1926 ad, “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano, But When I Started to Play…!”), said Barton’s secret was one word: sincerity.

I don’t see that secret practiced in the TV show.

Obviously, there is much truth to the stories and characters in the AMC series. You can read plenty of books about that era and discover many businesses practiced that sort of insincere, manipulative advertising, marketing, and selling. Some still do today. I’m not overlooking that reality. I’ve seen it first hand.

Decades ago in Houston I was in the offices of a corporation, there to write a sales letter for the company, when the president took a call and started yelling, “If you want a $#!&**!!! war, then you got it!” He then slammed down the phone. He turned to me, smiled, and continued our conversation as if nothing had happened. It was unnerving. I was seeing “Mad Men” the TV show in action.

I didn’t like it.

That’s the dark side of business; the side that repulses me.

But there’s also the bright side.

What I am pointing out is the fact that many people and businesses practice compassionate capitalism. They practice sincerity. They did then. They do now. They work hard to offer a product or service they believe in, and they market it in ethical ways. I think they should get equal time on the air.

The Internet helped me discover a more loving way of doing business decades ago. That’s when people who should be competitors of mine became affiliates, coauthors, and supporters of mine. It was refreshing to see online businesses openly share in the income, openly share credit, and openly work on deals together. I saw love in online marketing. I practice it, and teach it. I’ve written about it, too, numerous times, and in numerous books. This love based approach to business is alive and well. Not just online, of course, but everywhere — if you look.

But I rarely see that portrayed in the Mad Men series. Sometimes Don Draper will do a noble thing. Often he exhibits genius in creating or analyzing ads and concepts. Sometimes a young executive will reveal strong ethics (usually the character named Ken Cosgrove, played by Aaron Staton) in the show.

Unfortunately, more often than not, the show reveals the shadow side of business and life. If you don’t educate and enlighten yourself, the negative elements broadcast in the show may distort your view of reality; you’ll see the negative even in the positive.

That’s where I want to see a remedy.

Here’s what I suggest:

Quit watching the show. Yea, I know, I’m not going to stop either. Not with one episode left in the current season. So at least give your brain some balance and read some of the more loving business books and read about the more wholesome business characters.

Here are a few suggestions (in no particular order):

Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

The Man Who Sold America: The Amazing (but True!) Story of Albert D. Lasker and the Creation of the Advertising Century by Jeffrey L. Cruikshank and Arthur W. Schultz

The Seven Lost Secrets of Success by Joe Vitale

The King of Madison Avenue: David Ogilvy and the Making of Modern Advertising by Kenneth Roman

My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

Faith and Fortune: How Compassionate Capitalism Is Transforming American Business by Marc Gunther

Philanthrocapitalism: How Giving Can Save the World by M. Bishop

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think by Peter Diamandis

Screw Business As Usual by Richard Branson

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

The Real Mad Men: The Renegades of Madison Avenue and the Golden Age of Advertising by Andrew Cracknell

Mad Women: The Other Side of Life on Madison Avenue in the 60’s and Beyond by Jane Maas

And remember: You can be the positive example you long to see.

You may not see it on Mad Men, but you can live it.

Rather than look for inspiration, be the inspiration.

Be the hero.


Ao Akua,


PS – What books have you read showing a more positive side of doing business? I’d love to know and I’m sure others would, too. Please post a comment and tell us. Thank you.

Member BBB 2003 - 2012

Member BBB 2003 - 2012


Four Audio Bestsellers

The famous self-improvement company, Nightingale-Conant, just released it’s fourth product by me. I’m proud beyond words and had to share the news with you. The fourth program is The Awakening Course. Here’s the ad in their latest catalog showing my first three programs:


You can order by calling 1-800-525-9000 or by FAX at 1-800-647-9198 or online right here.

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